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shubham sharma

Shubham Sharma

Founder / CEO

My name is shubham sharma and i am founder and ceo at tech zettabyte which is an IT company providing IT services so the story starts when I was of 5 years I was having computer in my house because my father work was data entry and the spects of that pc was low as well so at the age of 5 I learned to run pc and I was very well known in my relative to open the password of any phone, At the age of 12 I just started learning from googling all the things and learning the things of my own then I learned web designing, android app development, web development and several other skills as well. Due to a lot of financial crisis i suffered a lot. as an Indian parents my parents were also just thinking about my future and they tell me to study hard but besides that they also motivate me to focus on my interest, there thinking was like study should be given first priority because if we don’t have degree no one can give me job or just I will not get admission in a good collage but later on while seeing my hard works,dedication and achievement their thinking changed and they supported me a lot to achieve this and I want to give my all credit to my parents and teachers who helped me and motivated me a lot so at the age of 14 I decided to open my own startup of IT because as my interest and skills in this field I decided to open a company for my satisfaction. I was looking for a partner who should also have some skills in this area but I found none. till there was lots of rejection we faced on getting clients many people demoralized me to give help or just project but No one was there. I just completed my dreams into reality. generally I hustled for a laptop and for internet connection as well, many time due to the fee dues in my school I didn’t went school for 1-2 weeks as well but I never felt sad the life want on full of fake peoples and very good people who made my life as well.

 My life is been a hard way and a good tour, Now it’s my way on the highway of my success.

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piyush pranajal

Piyush Pranjal

Investor / CFO

I am Piyush Pranjal investor and C.F.O at Tech Zettabyte. I have always been an Passionate investor and trader and my investing career started when I was 12. Investment is a business and what differs that how we execute it.


We are idea generators, goal seekers, challenge-thirsty professionals, creators of unique Internet
projects. We deliver unconventional solutions, combining the most advanced service

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We create best interface designed app with great use of illustration and motion effect and enhance the app with clean coded and security.


We helps business to enhance there work. We provide software for the business with great enhance software.


We make well designed dynamic website with fast speed. The great in all Design helps to grab more customer towards the businesses


We make animation in order to help business to grab customer attention toward there service.

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